For more than two decades we have provided CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS of the latest technology that generate and increase the operational stability of the production plants, DIMINISHING to a large extent MANUFACTURING COSTS and REDUCTION of EMISSIONS to the environment.

We extend the useful life of equipment and facilities, thanks to the ELIMINATION or the decrease to permissible levels of ADVERSE EFFECTS produced by some components that affect the socio-economic setting, the environment of your company and the community.

The CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS that we design and manufacture have the purpose of IMPROVING the BEHAVIOR of heavy hydrocarbons and treated wastewater, seeking to guarantee a harmonious relationship for your company with the surrounding environment, helping industrial progress through the reduction of operational and environmental costs.

Presence in different economic sectors

Cement Industry

Electric Generation Industry

Steam generating Plants for Industrial use

Companies of extraction, storage and commercialization of fuels.


Innovative and profitable solutions for our clients.
Our essential purpose, we are in constant search to identify and satisfy the needs of our clients, through ecological and socially responsible solutions.


Contribute to the sustainable development of the manufacturing industry, through the Research and Development, Production, Distribution and Sale of our additives worldwide.


The definitive solution in Chemical Inhibitors to avoid the formation of rings and scales in Calcination lines.
Thanks to the benefits offered by the use of our products, it does not represent any additional cost in the production of Clinker and steam generation.


Avoid corrosion in your production lines.

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