Additive for fuels and raw materials with high chlorine content

Advanced technology product, developed to counteract the effects of corrosive components, adhesive crusts and incrustations as well as greenhouse gas emissions, caused by polymerized components and by Chlorine gases present in the production process of the cement kiln.


Stabilize and optimize the operation of the calcination lines.


Associates free chlorine with stabilized organo-mineral compounds.
It encapsulates and neutralizes the free bonds of Chlorine by active Radicals, allowing them to be sequestered and complexed in a molecular means of combined dissociation.

AdiClor is created with latest generation technology


  • Increase operational stability
  • Reduction of production and maintenance costs
  • Increase in consumption of alternative fuels
  • Avoids unscheduled stoppages due to blockages.
  • Reduces cleaning cycles in the tower.

The use of AdiClor does NOT represent ADDITIONAL COSTS

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