Rheological modifier for heavy and extra heavy fuels

It is a chemical solution formulated to dissolve sediments, gummy materials and to keep dissolved the compounds that hinder the extraction, transport, storage and atomization of heavy and viscous hydrocarbons. Due to its chemical composition, AdicomPremium is an effective product in the cleaning of pipes and extraction pumps in oil fields.


Optimize processes of exploitation, transportation and storage of heavy and extra-heavy crudes.


The components of ADI3COM are derived from petroleum, which ensures total integration in crude oils.

It decreases the interfacial tension, thanks to the assets and chemical additives that reduce superficial and interfacial tension that compose it.

Increase the mobility of raw fuel.

It has the molecular coupling property that makes it missible in all types of oil.

It guarantees the physical-chemical stability of the raw fuel and its effect is permanent and irreversible.


  • Increases the capacity of extraction of crude oil
  • Increases the capacity of transportation in pipelines
  • Eliminates sediments from tanks
  • Recover storage capacity
  • Helps reduce the use of NAFTA as a diluent
  • Reduce operating costs.

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